Guide to TikTok Ads

Guide to TikTok Ads (Guide to Its Tools)

TikTok Is the video content app that has gone quite popular since 2019. Being the fourth most downloaded app of 2019, it is still getting more recognized each day. Even though you don’t have an account on the app, the TikTok videos are shared all over the internet, so you have probably seen one or two TikToks already. You can also advertise on TikTok now with using TikTok ads.  

We have created a short and a quick guide on how to advertise with TikTok Ads.

  • Set up your TikTok Ads account.
  • Create your ad campaign.
  • Set your ad objectives.
  • Set your budget.
  • Make a schedule of your budget.
  • Set your budget pacing.
  • Decide on a campaign goal.
  • Adjust your placement and targeting settings.
  • Design, optimize, and customize your ad.

Featured Tools on TikTok Ads

TikTok offers you a quite set of tools to help you better customize your ads and also optimize the results. Here are a few that come in handy when you are confused, or can’t decide.

Smart Optimization Tool

If you don’t know which placement is best for your ads and can’t decide on target audience settings, the Smart Optimization option offers you to do it for you. When you enable it, TikTok will choose the best options and settings based on its algorithms. 

TikTok Ads

Video Creation Kit

This little feature is a great opportunity to show your vision and creativity when you are designing your ads. You can edit your video ad in any way you can think of, which makes advertising on TikTok different from other platforms.

Automated Creative Optimization Tool

This tool offers to create multiple ads from just one draft. To put it simply, you add some videos, images, and explanatory texts, and TikTok combines them into multiple different ads. It automizes the adds to your target audience.

Besides these three tools, TikTok has a lot more different gadgets in the app to help you present your best creative ad.


What is a Call-to-Action?

Also known as CTA, Call-to-Action lets you add a button like “Download Now”, “Learn More”, “Shop Now”, “Sign Up”, “Contact Us”, “Apply Now”, “Book Now”, where the viewer is directed to your business page.

Are and TikTok different apps?

TikTok first launched itself as and then renewed the name to TikTok, so no there is no more an app called

Why should I advertise on TikTok?

Because of its rapid growth and popularity and the accurate algorithms with specific demographics, TikTok is a good way to reach a specific target group of a huge crowd. 


In this article, we tried to create a quick introduction to advertising on and guide to relevantly new but wildly popular app TikTok. If you liked this article, please check out our website for more TikTok related content.

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