is tiktok banned in china

Is Tiktok Banned in China? (Douyin Explained)

TikTok, or Douyin, the name of the Chinese version of TikTok, is a social media application that offers to create videos anytime and anywhere. Since 2017, Douyin has been using by 400 million people in China. So why is the Douyin application used in China? Is it banned in the Chinese Republic?

When Did Douyin Come Out?

Douyin, the Chinese TikTok app, was introduced into the Chinese market in 2017. Douyin is a successful short video application used in China and most of Asia countries. The international version name is TikTok. Bytedance, a content platform in the Chinese market and worldwide, tried to offer the same product as TikTok, but they aren’t entirely the same.

For example, you can buy a product or services published in the advertisement with three taps on the Douyin application. You can make a reservation to stay in a hotel, or you can take virtual tours around the stores and restaurants on the app.

is tiktok banned in china

How Many Users Does Douyin Have in China?

Nowadays, 400 million people have the Chinese version of TikTok, and it is called Douyin. It is an enormous growth because there were only 250 million active users in January the previous year.

ByteDance advocated that Douyin has been established to be the most significant knowledge and art platform across the country, unlike TikTok. According to some sources, 14.89 million were shared “knowledge-based content videos” on the platform last year.

FAQs About Douyin and Tiktok

Are the TikTok and Douyin applications the same? 

Yes, these are the same apps, but there is a little difference between TikTok and Douyin. Douyin is also used for knowledge-based content in China and other Asia countries.

Is the Douyin used in other countries other than China? 

Yes, it is commonly used in Asia.

Is the app safe? 

As safe as TikTok application for the users.

Conclusion on TikTok & China

China could bludgeon TikTok into sharing information, and the user of the application may be tried in a court for the content shared on TikTok. For this reason, TikTok is a significant problem in China; TikTok isn’t banned in China; the app isn’t preferred to be used because of national security problems. If you want to learn more about the app, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.

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