what are the secrets to increase engagement rate on tiktok

What Are the Secrets to Increase Engagement Rate?

Nowadays, TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps. Its popularity is growing day by day. So, what are the secrets to increasing the engagement rate on TikTok?

What to Do to Be One Step Ahead?

The 3-second rule in your videos: The first 3 seconds of your videos are so significant. If the first 3 seconds draw attention, your video will be shared with more people. Besides, the watch time will increase. In the beginning, your videos are shown to a small group of people, so when the people view your video longer times or not, the engagement rate will increase, and more people can watch your content. When the first group of people watches the video until the end, it will take place on more users’ ”For You” pages, and you will be able to reach more users.

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Tell real and amazing stories: To increase the engagement rate on your TikTok, you can prefer to tell your real stories. Some users of the TikTok have created comedic videos, and others have created emotional and sob stories. The common point of the contents is that they are telling a story by their videos. For this reason, you can reach more and more people. So, the engagement rate on your Tiktok account will increase.

Influencer communities: The high engagement rate for many brands come from influencer communities. The influencers have built their quality with their content on the platform. They know how to use trends and features of social media. Therefore, influencers’ fans tend to engage and interest in what they do. For this reason, the brand owners obtain a huge market with the influencers. For instance, when a makeup brand decides to publish their products advertisements, the target people will be female users rather than men.

FAQs About Engagement Rate on TikTok?

Who are the target users for ads on TikTok? 

The target users can be both women and men. It depends on the kind of ads. For example, if the brand is about cosmetics, the target customers will be women.

Will the engagement rate slow down after a while? 

No, on the contrary, it will increase by your effort.

Why should brands work with influencers on TikTok? 

They can reach larger masses than others.

Conclusion on TikTok Engagement Rate

The 3-second rules, influencer communities, and stories about your life can increase your TikTok account’s engagement rate. If you want to learn more about the app, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.

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